Oh No, my Hauppauge 2650 cablecard tuner has died

12 06 2012

Embarrassed Update:  It turns out it was not the Hauppauge 2650 that died but rather the power wart I was powering it with.  The replacement 2650 arrived and had the same issues as mine.  I replaced the power wart and my old 2650 is running great.

There is a story behind the power wart I was using, my original Hauppauge power wart died and they shipped me a replacement.  While waiting for the replacement I found one in my parts bin that matched the output so I put it to work.  Weird to lose two power warts in such a short time frame.  I now have the HTPC on a UPS so if it was power issues causing the failures I should be OK now.


My Hauppauge 2650 tuner started acting flakey, going offline and refusing to tune channels, usually rebooting the computer would fix the issue so I’m not positive the problem was Hauppauge’s.  Now the Hauppauge has died completely, all that I get is a quickly flashing tuner 2 light, all others are out.

Hauppauge’s warranty is 2 years and they’ve been good enough to pre ship my replacement, unfortunately it shipped by slow boat and won’t arrive for a week.

Thankfully my wife hasn’t returned her cable DVR yet so she is not out of business for this time.  All of the issues that I’ve been facing are not instilling confidence in her for this switch over to a PC DVR.  Hopefully all will work well soon.




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