replacing my wife’s dvr with a PC

22 03 2012

I think I’m almost ready to ask my wife to switch from her cable company dvr to my Win 7 Media Center PC with a Hauppauge Cablecard 2650 tuner.   If you look at my earlier posts you will see that I bought a low power HTPC system for this use but found it just wasn’t powerful enough. I’m trying to build a system that doesn’t delay, pause or skip as I want my wife to be happy with it.

After replacing the low power system with a dual core Athlon II system I found that my wireless N network was also too slow so I purchased a Netgear powerline adapter kit.

My system is now operating smoothly, no hiccups on the network and no hiccups caused by CPU performance issues.

Through this entire process the Hauppauge 2650 has been flawless.

One issue that I am still facing is that if I turn off the tv or change the source on the tv to something other than the computer while I have Media Center open I will find a black screen when I return to the computer source.  The answers I’ve found so far are 1) try to remember to shut down Media Center prior to turning off the tv or changing source and 2) if you get the black screen you can unplug and replug the hdmi cable or you can logoff or shutdown the computer and restart or log back in.  Anyone have any better ideas to fix this problem?




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