Foxconn SFF PC not working out as I wanted it to

20 03 2012

I’m having a couple of issues with this darling little computer, with one of my televisions I get video blinking. The screen blinks on and off every few seconds. Hard to work with it when it’s doing that. With another television the screen is rock solid. I haven’t figured out what is causing this issue yet, just reloaded the box from scratch and am going to have another go at it tonight.

The other issue I have is that the E-350 AMD APU processor doesn’t seem to have enough power to run my Hauppauge 2650 CableCard and do all that I want. It gets slow and sometimes doesn’t respond to remote input for quite a while. Part of this issue may be caused by my wireless network and the computer looking to my home server for some files over the wireless.

I replaced the SFF (Small Form Factor) computer with an AMD dual core Phenom II system. It’s working out so far but does still snag on the wireless from time to time.

I’ve ordered a Netgear powerline 500Mbs system (XAVB5004 ~$130 + tax for the kit) to replace the wireless to this location. I received it today and will install it tonight. If it really helps speed stuff up I may try the SFF in that location again as that is my preferred machine for an always on DVR solution.

More updates soon.




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