Ordered a new computer for HTPC use

29 02 2012

I settled on a platform for my next HTPC.  I didn’t go with the Intel family processor that I expected to buy, instead I went with an AMD E350 barebones system from Foxconn.  This barebones computer, add your own memory, hard drive and dvd rom, sounds like a bargain for $109 plus tax shipped from Newegg.comIf you prefer to order from Amazonit is available for $134.99 with free shipping.  I should get it in the next couple of days and will report back how good it is.

The Foxconn Small Form Factor (SFF) R40-A1 is a small computer case with a motherboard and power supply.  Here are the features of the computer that I am interested in:

HDMI output,

6 rear USB ports and 2 front USB ports

Two DDR 3 memory slots (maximum of 8GB)

On board Radeon HD6310 graphics for 1080p support

Dimensions 11.1″ x 11.02″ x 3.74″

Next report I will talk about OS install and how well this baby operates.




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