Using the My Movies WMC add on to organize my video

21 02 2012

I organize my shows in to three different volumes, recorded tv for the shows that I record, tv series for the tv shows that I download, and videos for movies.  This allows me to separate my shows so that they can be read and utilized by the My Movies Media Center add on.

  I use a media center add on call My Movies to help organize and display my movies.  This program initially takes work to organize your shows so that they can be recognized but once the work is done the program works great. For the program to recognize shows they need to be stored in a specific way.  Each movie needs to be in it’s own folder at the root of the videos storage area.  If there are sequels they each need to be in their own folder too at \video.

  Television series need to have one main folder for the entire series, within the parent you can have sub folders for seasons or not.  The file name for television series must contain the season number and episode number for the episode to be recognized.  An example is \tv series\chuggington\chuggington.s01e23.avi.  The s01e23 must be in the title somewhere and does not need to be seperated out by a period like I show here.  Sometimes when you download a series collection you will have to go through and identify / rename the episodes for them to be picked up properly by My Movies.  Identifying and renaming is probably the hardest part, I use resources like Wikipedia and Google to help find the season and episode numbers.

  My Movies adds two menu items to the media center main menu, Movies and TV series.  Here is what my tv series look like on the screen.

This is the TV Series main screen showing all of the series that I have available to watch.  The numbers indicate the number of unwatched episodes and the little eye in the lower part of the series picture indicates that I have watched some of the episodes.
This is the episode screen that you go to when you select a series.  Highlighting a show gives you details about the episode if they are available.

  The menus in My Movies can be configured to look and layout differently, some of the advanced features cost but the basic program is free.  I haven’t paid for the program yet and I am getting great use out of it.  I will probably pay shortly as I like to support projects that I enjoy.




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