Thinking of building another PC

21 02 2012

  I’m starting to watch prices on motherboards for my next PC. This time instead of the H61 Intel chipset I want to run either the Z68 or P67. These chipsets are more robust and offer USB 3 and SATA 6GBs connections.

  These higher performance chipset will also allow for more RAM as the H61 is limited to two double sided DIMMs.
  I have parts sitting idle including a case with a decent power supply, spare hard drives and 8GB of DDR3 that was too fast to work in the H61 so I had to buy slower compatible memory. All that I will need to purchase for this next setup is a motherboard and CPU.

  I will again be looking at the “bargain” line of processors, either another Celeron or maybe one of the Pentium G600 series processors. Prices for i3s have come down recently, I may spend the extra to get the slight extra performance they offer.

  I’m also trying to figure out how I will get network to this new computer as it will be located in the family room and I don’t have any Ethernet wiring running there. I have dual band wireless N in the house but am having some trouble streaming video. When the wireless works it works great but a couple of times a week I have to reboot my wireless access point to clean up stuttering.

  I’m looking in to the Netgear Powerline Network Adapter Kit to see if it will fill my needs.  At $109 I don’t want to buy this unless I’m pretty sure that it will resolve my issues and be flawless in performance.




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