My Home Video System is working super well, I am thrilled

21 02 2012

For video playback I now use a computer at each television.  These computers connect to my Windows Home Server to pull or stream video.  The neat thing about this setup is that I can start watching a movie on one computer, stop the playback, move to the other computer and resume watching at the spot I stopped.
I’m not doing anything special to make this room to room move work, I’m just using one source for all of my video and Windows Media Center (which is in all versions of Windows 7 except basic).  Windows Media Center (also known as WMC) writes a little file to the location where the video file is located noting where you stopped playback.
Last night we were watching Jungle Book 2 in the front room.  Stopped the movie, moved upstairs to get ready for bed and continued playback.  The cable company wants to charge quite a bit for a DVR that can do this and Windows can do it for free.




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