Back on Media Center Again

11 03 2011

We moved the DVR back to the family room and I’ve setup a Media Center PC in our bedroom. While I’m not loving the selection of channels, many of our favorites are not available, we are loving watching downloaded video and some Media Center recorded shows.
I’ve installed the Silicon Dust HDHomerun and so far am pleased with it. It’s been fun to work with and configure to get all the channels possible. I still don’t quite have it setup completely but am probably 95% done.
Part of the issue that I have with my Media Center is that I don’t want to leave the computer in the bedroom running all the time. I have a computer in my office that runs 7X24. I configure recordings from the HDHomerun on the office computer and then daily I power up the bedroom computer and move the recordings over.
The issue that comes up with this setup is that if I see a commercial for a show that I want to record I have to either try to remember it and schedule it when I get on the office computer or run to the office and schedule it right away. Remote access to the office computer would be cumbersome as it’s awkward to use a wireless keyboard while sitting in bed ten feet from the television screen.
Media Center is not the perfect solution that I would like it to be but it’s pretty good and I’m having fun playing with it.




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23 04 2011

I also have the HDHomeRun. I am torn on which DVR software to use. Windows Media Center is easy to set up but lacks codecs. My other choice is MythTV. It is a bit harder to set up including getting broadcast guides.

Have you considered using MythTV as a back end to your DVR set up?

21 02 2012

I haven’t considered using MythTV as the back end, I’ve only thought of it as the front end. I love my Windows Home Server as my back end. It does everything I’ve asked of it so far.

Currently I have two computers that are always on, my Windows Home Server and my “main” computer that I used to record all of my shows on and that also runs my MagicJack phone system. If I were able to redo my setup completely I would leave out the home server, have the main computer that I store all media files on and run MagicJack on. All of my “viewing stations” would access the “main” computer for video content. This would allow me to just keep one computer running 7X24 instead of two.

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