I want an e-reader

8 12 2009

The amount of reading that I do has dropped significantly lately.  At least the number of novels that I read has dropped.  I still read a ton of websites, blogs, rss feeds, and car magazines but I don’t get around to my novels.  I’ve been working on reading The Atlantis Code for over a month now.

I think there are several reasons why my recreational reading has dropped off.  First, I read a ton of material on the web all day long.  Second, I’m busy working and taking care of things at home.  When I finally get some down time I either veg in front of the television or sleep.  The best chance for me to read a novel is in bed just before sleep.

I wonder if I would read more if I had an e-reader.  Would making reading more convenient lead to more reading?  I’d hate to go out and buy an e-book reader and then find out that I don’t read any more than I did with paperbacks but I am a tech hound and am dying to buy one.

There are several e-readers currently available, what differentiates them tends to be the size of the screen and the web access they provide.  Here is a list of the e-readers I’m currently looking at:

name cost screen size screen resolution color screen wireless access browser size weight in oz.
Amazon Kindle $259 6″ 600 X 800 16 shades of grey 3G yes 8″ x 5.3″ x 0.36″ 10.2
Amazon Kindle DX $489 9.7″ 1200 X 824 16 shades of grey 3G yes 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″ 18.9
Barnes & Noble Nook $259 6″ 16 shades of grey with color touchscreen 3G and Wi-Fi ?? 7.7″4.9″X.5″ 11.2
Sony Daily Edition $399.99 7″ 600 X 1024 16 shades of grey 3G ?? 5″X8.2″X.6″ 12.75
Sony Touch Edition $299.99 6″ 800 X 600 8 shades of grey ?? ?? 6.9″X4.8″X.4″ 10.1
Sony Pocket Edition $199.99 5″ 800 X 600 8 shades of grey ?? ?? 6.25″x4.25″ x.4″ 7.76
ECTACO jetBook $179 5″ 6.02″ x 4.33″ x 0.51″ 7.5

My dream e-reader would be a tablet computer with instant on, wi-fi and/or 3G internet access, a full color screen and a full qwerty keyboard like the Kindle has.  All of this for $259 would be ideal.  Perhaps the next Kindle will have a color screen.

If I can’t get my dream system then I want a basic e-reader.  Basic means it opens and reads many types of files, works great.  It would have no wireless access at all and no keyboard.  Just a basic reader and I want to pay about $100 for it.

If I had my choice of any of these e-readers, cost not being an issue I’d go with the Sony Daily Edition.  I like the size and format of the screen and the device looks great.  That being said I’ve hinted heavily that I’d like a Kindle, we’ll see if I get one for x-mas, I doubt it and kind of don’t want it as I’d like to wait and see what is coming next.  If I do get one I’ll write up my experience with it and whether I am reading more or not.




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