Westinghouse 42″ 1080p at Costco for $699

27 08 2008

In store Costco has the Westinghouse 42″ 1080p LCD television model number VK-42F240S for $699.  I picked one up last night for my bedroom and am extremely pleased.

This television looked small in the store when compared with the 50 and 52″ sets but once I got it home and mounted on the wall it looked humongous.  The tv features 4 HDMI ports (the box says 2 but there really are 4), a VGA port,  a couple of Component inputs and a composite input.

The picture and color appear to be as good as my old 47″ Westinghouse.  The inclusion of tuners in this, as opposed to my 47 which is a monitor only, really makes this thing shine.  The system picked up all of the SD channels that my cable company offers as well as a bunch of Clear QAM unencrypted HD channels.

Channels that are related like ABC and ABC HD are located next to each other in the channel numbers.  ABC is channel 2 and the TV puts ABC HD as channel 2.1 which means that when you hit channel up from 2 you go to 2 HD then 3 then 4 then 4 HD etc etc.  Channels without an HD equivalent sit by themselves like 3 does in my example.

This TV looks huge but I was able to mount it to the wall with a Peerless mount that is rated for 40″ and small sets.  The mount is rated for 80 pounds and this TV weighs in at about 46 pounds so should have no issues with the mount.

I’m not planning to hook a computer to this set, at least not now but I bet it would make an incredible monitor.

I talked to one of the TV guys at Costco, he said they had recieved 38 sets that morning and expects them all to be gone by the end of the weekend.  Hurry if you want one.




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