MCE is alive again!

19 08 2008

We just moved, we moved from the Los Angeles area to an outlying Los Angeles area.  This move has helped my MCE box in a huge way.  We are no longer with the Los Angeles chapter of Time Warner but now with Time Warner Central or something like that.

At the old location a cable box was required to see even SD cable signals.  At our new home channels 99 and down are unencrypted and available to my HD/SD tuner card.  Wow, the MCE box is excellent when it can see and record from 65+ channels.

One issue I am finding is that at my new location I do not receive any broadcast signals OTA (over the air) so I have lost my OTA HD.  Giving up seven channels of OTA HD for 65+ SD channels seems like a fair trade.  I’m still working on getting back my OTA HD, I’ll try moving the antenna around the house a bit to see if I can get a signal.

I also need to look into a Clear QAM tuner as I expect many of the HD channels will be unencrypted.

I’m not sure why my new Time Warner is different from my previous Time Warner but it sure is making my life easier.  I prefer XP MCE over a cable box for tv watching.




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