Looking to buy a Home Theater PC (HTPC)?

28 09 2007

I’ve been looking for a good deal on a “gaming” pc for a coworker. Today Newegg’s latest email advert had a nice Gateway PC listed. After scouring the details on Newegg’s site it turns out that in addition to all the stuff you want in a PC this also has an HD Tuner Card and MCE remote control. This computer is an HTPC all setup and ready to go. Just add rabbit ears or any UHF antenna and you are ready to receive HD broadcasts over the air (assuming your area has broadcast HD in range).
Gateway GM5442
The computer is the Gateway GM5442, for $579 plus shipping and tax it has:
Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 processor,
2GB of RAM,
500GB Hard Drive,
Windows Vista Home Premium (Premium includes Media Center!),
16X DVD±RW Drive,
Optical Mouse and Multimedia Keyboard,
7.1 surround audio and stereo speakers,
Analog/Digital TV Tuner w/3-D Comb
Media Center Remote Control

This looks like a great deal, the reviews are excellent for this computer. Check out the pictures and reviews on Newegg’s product page.




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