Westinghouse 37″ 1080p at Costco.com for $799

8 06 2007

Costco.com has the 37″ Westinghouse LVM-37w3 on sale for $799 plus shipping and tax.  This is the same monitor as the 47″ LVM-47w1 except for the size.  there is some discussion about this product going on over at fatwallet.com and I posted the following in response to some questions about the monitor:

I have the 47″ version of this monitor and love it. Television watching on this either through the cable box or through my Windows MCE is great. Standard tv even looks good. I run the MCE into the monitor through the DVI port, I don’t use the HDMI at this point.

Watching television from the easy chair ten feet from the monitor is great, reading web pages from ten feet is very difficult. It’s not the picture it’s the size of the fonts. I’ve enlarged the fonts on my MCE system to as high as they will go and I still have to press cntrl + several times to enlarge the screen before I can read it at the ten foot distance.

To play games on this guy I drag my easy chair forward until I am five feet from the monitor, then it is an incredible experience. I wish I could play from ten feet away but everything is just too small on the screen. I don’t think a 60″ screen would help either, maybe a 105″ screen would do the trick.

The picture on this monitor is incredible and rock solid. The colors are great.

I’m tempted to pick up one of the 37″ Westy’s from Costco for the bedroom but I think my wife would kill me.




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