Gaming on the big screen

26 03 2007

I finally got the last pieces together so that I can game on my big screen tv. I had to buy a 15′ USB cable and a USB hub to extend USB behind the couch and around to my easy chair for the mouse. I forgot to buy extension 3.5mm cables for my headphones and microphone. is sold out on 25′ 3.5mm extension cables so instead I used an old microphone I had laying around and ran the sound through the stereo, that wound up working well.

Gaming at 10′, the distance from the tv to my easy chair, was difficult. I couldn’t see the finer details in the game. I tried lowering the resolution to make everything larger but this didn’t help. Company of Heroes, my current game of choice, scales the image so that you see the same text and graphics no matter what resolution you are at. At higher resolutions the graphics look more detailed but they are the same size as lower resolutions.

I wound up pushing my easy chair forward about five feet. At a five foot distance viewing everything was perfect so I changed the resolution back to 1080p and played. Finally the holy grail, 1080p gaming on a 47″ tv. Incredible.

Was it better than gaming on my 19″ monitor? Yes and no. Graphically it looked the same, 47″ at 5 feet is not that much bigger than 19″ at 1 foot. The sound coming through my stereo was cool but not that much cooler. The easy chair made all the difference. I was comfortable, kicked back with my legs raised playing for hours on end.

Yes, this is the life.




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