1080p the good, the bad and the ugly

14 03 2007

Since I purchased the Westinghouse LVM-W471 last week I have been enjoying playing with it. Not all of the play has been good but most has. Here’s a breakdown:

The Good:
Picture quality is incredible.
Resolution is incredible.
Design is very nice, looks great in my front room.
Remote is simple to use and well layed out.

The Bad:
Windows XP MCE 2005 is hard to read from ten feet away.
Sitting in my easy chair I have a hard time reading windows fonts.
I can increase the text in the window at ease with CNTRL + but increasing the font size for menu items has proven much hard. I’ve gone to the Appearance tab in Display properties and raised the font size to Extra Large Fonts. Unfortunately not all fonts change with this setting. I’ve got more digging and testing to do.

I also haven’t figured out how to get both the internal and external speakers to operate at the same time.

The Ugly:
Only one component input, I’m using it for my SD cable box and have to unplug it to plug in my NES to play M.U.L.E.




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