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12 03 2007

The new monitor (not a televison because the Westinghouse 47w1 doesn’t have a tuner) is incredible. 1080p computing and gaming is incredible. Movies and HDTV look incredible.

Web browsing does not look incredible.

The text is so small when sitting 10′ away from a 47″ monitor that I kind of wonder if I made a mistake in not buying a 1080i instead.

I use cntrl + in windows to enlarge the text in windows but the text in the windows frames and drop down menus is not enlarged. I tried setting larger text in properties but will need to revisit this.

Now I’m wondering if I should have saved two to three hundred dollars by buying 1080i instead of 1080p. If I had gone the 1080i route I’d never know as stores aren’t setup for you to test the monitors as you will use them at home.

Other than small, crisp text this monitor is the cat’s meow and I’m sure I’ll work out the small text issue. In the meantime I am watching incredibly beautiful video on an extremely capable monitor.

I have my HTPC (Home Theater PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005) plugged into DVI port 1. My SD (Standard Definition or non HD) Cable box is plugged into the composite video. My DVD player is plugged into Component Video 1.

I have extra ports now, one more of each DVI and Component and an HDMI all empty and waiting. What devices will I add to this monster next?

I am happy with my purchase, when I look at the price difference between what I paid and the similiarly sized 1080i systems I realize I did the right thing.

Waiting to find a good price on a Westinghouse 1080p was good, jumping on a great price for the 47″ was even better.




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28 09 2007
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