Why I want a 1080p TV

23 01 2007

subtitled: Fear of loss?

HDTVs come in a variety of formats, 480p, 720p, 10801, and 1080p. The more expensive sets can usually output all of these resolutions. The less expensive televisions are usually limited to 720p/1080i.
This article is not designed to explain the differences in all of these formats, perhaps in a future article I will do that (as soon as I fully research and understand them). This article is intended to talk about why I am determined to get a 1080p system while the 720p/1080i televisions would probably do all that I need.
I am looking for a 42″ or larger screen (although I may settle for a 37″) with 1080p resolution (1920X1080) to hook up my computer to. I want to watch recorded and downloaded media on my tv while sitting in my easy chair, my office chair is not comfortable enough.
About two months ago I rebuild my PC as a Media Center by installing a couple of HD tuner cards and loading Windows XP Media Center Edition on it. MCE, as XP Media Center is known, downloads a catalog and allows for Tivo like scheduling and recording of shows and series.
Currently to watch the shows I record my wife and I sit in our office and watch on our 19″ screen. Not comfortable and not fun, hence the need to buy an HDTV that I can hook the computer to.
Now, why do I say that 1080i (1920X1080 / 2 because it is interlaced or 1.04 million pixels compared to 2.07 million pixels on 1080p) would work just fine? 1080i is the maximum resolution currently being broadcast over the air and over cable. The only signals that are in 1080p are HD-DVDs, Blu Ray and the computer.
My reason for waiting for 1080p to come down to my price point is that I’m not sure how the computer would look at 1080i and I would always wonder if I should have held out. My fear of loss.
Hope this helps.




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