Indecision has me frozen

18 01 2007

I watched the Vizio 47″ LCDs sell out at Costco on Monday without buying one. I am undecided as to which model / size is right for me.
I’ve been keeping up with the comments from Vizio owners on AVS forum. Some of the buyers are reporting problems with the television but I still think it would work well for me.
Problems being reported include a humming sound from the speakers, a backlight bleed through that seems to clear up over time and color adjustment issues.
The Costco sale price of $1650 is way out of the range I’m looking for but I’m still tempted. I went and got a rain check so I can wait and make up my mind later if Costco gets the model back in stock.
Announced at CES are 120hz LCD models vs the current 60hz models. I’m not sure what this change actually does but reports say the picture is much better on the 120hz models. I’ll do a little research into this and report back.

here’s a link to the AVS Vizio 47″ forum:




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